Native Canadian Art – Cree Adult Colouring Book

Native Canadian Art in the Discover Cree Adult Coloring Book

This is the third in a series of blogs focused on showcasing some of our favourite Native Canadian Art in the Discover Cree Adult Colouring Book!

“Worth waiting for”

It took a long time to get the Cree book made. A lot longer than the other books. I believe that it’s worth being patient to find the right people to work with. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to wait but it has always produced a great result in the end. In this case, I was introduced by Kalum Teke Dan to Cree artist Delree Dumont. She in turn introduced me to her fellow Cree artist Sam Bighetty and Cree elder John Sinclair.

“Native Canadian Beauty”

Cree elder John Sinclair shared teachings with me that he received from his forefathers. Learn about the Circle of Life, Cree values and stories while you colour the beautiful pieces of artwork. Delree and Sam shared their colour artwork with me and I converted them to black and white. It took me longer than usual to convert some of Delree’s work because her art style is pointillism and my conversion tools couldn’t pick up the small dots. Sam created some black and white pieces specially for some of the teachings as we didn’t have other artwork that fit well.

Every book purchased will provide royalties to the artists and elder as well as a donation to an Cree grassroots project which we are still looking for. If you have suggestions, please contact me at [email protected]

You can buy the Cree adult colouring book here

Find Out More About The Cree Nation Colouring Book Here

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