Native Canadian Art – Ojibway Adult Colouring Book

Ojibway Adult Coloring Book

This is the fourth in a series of blogs focused on showcasing some of our Native Canadian Art. This blog introduces the Ojibway Adult Colouring Book! The Ojibway are part of the family of Anishinaabe nations along with the Algonquin, Ottawa and Potawatomi nations.

“The artwork is beautiful”

Read the stories in English and Ojibway shared by Ojibway elder Onagottay while colouring his beautiful artwork. The elder sat in ceremony to receive visions for each of the pieces of artwork and stories.  Onagottay named the book Onagottay Heart and Wisdom Colouring Book.

“The process to make this book was unique”

This book is special because of many things. Firstly, the elder for the book found me. Usually it’s the other way around. One of his friends found my Adult Colouring Book on the Northern Dene Nation while they were in Yellowknife and showed it to Onagottay. He said he really loved the format. Secondly, the elder already had someone who could translate his stories into Ojibway language. This was a great achievement for me. This was the first (but won’t be the last!) book to be fully translated into an Indigenous language. Thirdly, the elder was also the artist and he had teachings and stories to accompany the artwork already. Lastly, Onagottay already knew what community project he wanted to support with donations from book sales. Every book purchased will include a donation to the Kingston Indigenous Language Nest for their language revitalization programs.

As with the other books in the series, the sale of the books provides royalties to the elder and artists. This is a way for you to participate in reconciliation by supporting economic development and education. When you help to provide royalties to indigenous peoples, you strengthen the backbone of the Indigenous community: its elders and artists. Thank you for that support.

You can buy the Ojibway adult colouring book here

Find Out More About The Ojibway Colouring Book Here

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