Delree Dumont is a First Nation woman whose family is from Onion Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan. Delree excelled in the arts from the time she was a child and has painted throughout her life, even while working in the oil and gas industry for 32 years.

She paints mostly in acrylics but has enjoyed painting with oils and watercolours.  Her favourite things to paint include wildlife, horses and aboriginal dancers in their regalia. Delree’s style varies between realism and pointillism.Her pointillism paintings appear to be like beadwork on canvas and she enjoys seeing peoples’ reaction when they get up close to her paintings.

In 2014, she left the oil and gas industry to pursue her dream of opening a native art gallery. She opened Delree’s Native Art Gallery on October 6, 2015 in honour of her mom’s birthday and celebrates every year on this date.

Her gallery showcases and celebrates Canada’s talented First Nation, Métis and Inuit artists, crafters and designers. Delree’s commitment extends not only to sharing arts and crafts but also to sharing knowledge. She hires aboriginal facilitators to share culture and traditions during events in her gallery. In 2017, Delree’s Native Art Gallery has hosted over 24 workshops to teach people how to make dreamcatchers, baby moccasins and ceremonial dresses, as well as on medicine wheel teachings, how to paint with pointillism, healing ritual classes and more! These classes are important as they teach people about indigenous history and with knowledge will promote better understanding. She also sits on the Olds committee to help organize National Aboriginal Awareness Day activities.

Delree has just returned from Berlin, Germany, where she was invited to paint murals in the Canadian Embassy!