Originally from Quebec, Diana spent her teenage years in Western Africa which was an early awakening to different cultures and the difficulties of living in a developing country. Following that experience, she obtained a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Sherbrooke with the intention of helping people to improve their standard of living by working on water and sanitation projects. After working as an Environmental Engineer and Simulations Engineer for 6 years, she left her job to work as a volunteer in Peru for two years on optimizing existing water and sewer systems. At the end of her contract, she came back to Alberta to work for the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, a startup not-for-profit organization with whom she pioneered train the trainer programs on household water treatment projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
Aside from being an engineer, Diana is also an Algonquin M├ętis, an artist, and a musician. Her love for art started when she was a child, drawing and painting in her grandfather’s art studio. She has worked mainly on portraits for the past 20 years, both in charcoal and chalk, pastels and watercolour.