Donna Langhorne

Anishinaabe nation artist

A member of the Fishing Lake First Nation and lifelong resident of Air Ronge, Saskatchewan, Donna Rose Langhorne is the mother of three children between the ages of five and ten years old. Now age 28, she has been working in Northern Saskatchewan as a self-taught professional artist since 2010.

Donna suffers from a debilitating condition that makes it extremely traumatic for her to travel. Dealing with this confining reality has greatly influenced her artwork, underpinning in one way or another, virtually everything she creates, both structurally and thematically. Having this condition means it has made it very difficult for her to connect with and integrate into the arts community and to also establish herself in a broader marketplace, let alone to pursue mentorship and professional development opportunities.

Even acquiring supplies is problematic, and costly, since they are not readily available in the remote Northern community in which she lives. While Donna has produced and sold upwards of 100 paintings, including creating art for private, public and corporate commissions, her chief market has been limited to this economically challenged Northern region.

She participates at every opportunity in local trade fairs and her work has received considerable exposure and acclaim this way. Donna has worked hard to establish an online presence and is the owner/operator of the Donna The Strange On-Line Art Gallery, which has a strong following.

More Information About Donna Langhorne
Her work has become increasingly recognized through sales, grants from funding bodies, and invitations to exhibit from curators and galleries. She has recently produced a series of paintings called “The 7 Visions – Visions and Inspirations on Canvas for Healing & Reconciliation” that was exhibited for the month of November at Mistasinihk Place Gallery. Donna is also featured in Colouring It Forward’s 2018 Indigenous Art Calendar