The EquinoxBox - Do self-care and rebalance yourself with Indigenous products

The EquinoxBox - Do self-care and rebalance yourself with Indigenous products


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The EquinoxBox is curated with care for you every solstice and equinox to reduce stress, increase happiness and well being through self care with Indigenous products. 

Each box offers you an elder’s teaching on the solstice or equinox and guidance on activities to bring more joy and peace to your life. They also include authentic locally made Indigenous self-care products to help ease your stress and increase relaxation and happiness. Each box is made with love, care and blessings for you by women.

The 2021 Summer EquinoxBox will be available for purchase until we sell out or until June 21st and includes the following products:

  • 6 chocolate truffles from Raven Rising
  • smudge kit
  • Build It Up Immune Booster Rollerball from Sacred Scents
  • Sweet Orange Sage Skin Lotion and Bath Bomb from Loretta's Wellness Circle
  • Greeting cards - artwork by The Metis Mamma, and Mackenzie Brown
  • Indigenous Art & Wisdom Colouring Book by Colouring It Forward
  • Blessing and teaching from an elder every solstice/equinox and recommended wellness activities to rebalance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • To pick up the box yourself, use discount code LOCALPICKUP at checkout to avoid shipping fees.
  • Each of these self-care products is made locally by Indigenous small businesses run by women. These businesses craft their products with utmost love and respect including putting down tobacco for the medicines in the products, smudging and praying.
  • The artwork in the box is produced by Indigenous artists, women who infuse meaning and care into their pieces.
  • The journals and books in the boxes are produced locally by Colouring It Forward, an Indigenous social enterprise.
  • Giving as a gift? We'll include your note to the recipient inside their EquinoxBox
  • We will produce a box each solstice and equinox to mark the change of seasons with different collaborations and products appropriate to the season.
  • These boxes support local Indigenous elders, artists and small businesses.
  • Over $120 retail value in each box