George Blondin

Dene Nation Elder

The late George Blondin was a Dene Elder born in 1923 in the Northwest Territories. A prolific writer, he was also a wilderness guide, a miner, a trapper, Vice President of the Dene Nation, and in 1989 was elected Chairman of the Denendah Elder’s Council. He was also the author of When the World was New and Yamoria, the Lawmaker.

For his storytelling efforts, Mr. Blondin received the Ross Charles award in 1990 for Native journalism and in 2003, was inducted as a member of the Order of Canada. He was very active in the community and attended political meetings dealing with issues from land protection to employment in the Northwest Territories.

Mr. Blondin is best known for collecting and sharing the stories of his people so that future generations of Dene would not forget their stories. He believed deeply in spiritual matters and published three books conveying stories with spiritual themes. The latest, Trail of the Spirit; Mysteries of Dene Medicine Power Revealed, was published in the fall of 2006, and sits on publisher NeWest Press’s bestseller list.

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