For the first 15 years of her professional life, Marie-Josée was known as a journalist and news anchor in major TV and radio channels in Quebec (Radio-Canada, RDI, LCN, Radio Rock Détente), and also in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Great Britain. Since 2005, she has focused her entire work on issues related to self-awareness and interpersonal communication.

Her teachings are strongly marked with tools of mindfulness that she has acquired during her long and rigorous training with David Ciussi, mindfulness specialist in France.

In 2007, and again in 2015, she was given a Peace Pipe, which is a great sign of respect and recognition from the Algonquin elders. They suggested to her that she should embark on the long path of learning the language, philosophy and traditional medicine of the Algonquin Nation. Marie-Josée, is now called Kokom (Grandmother), and as such she teaches and travels regularly with Grandfather T8aminik.

Marie-Josée is the author of On nous appelait les Sauvages and La Leçon de Sitar ou l’Art de vibrer de toutes ses cordes.

In 2013, together with T8aminik, she co-founded the Kina8at organization. She is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Kina8at and also Honorary President of Montreal’s Circle of Peace since 2006.