Pauline Gordon

Inuit Nation Elder

Pauline was born in the Northwest Territories in an outpost camp called Stanton which no longer exists. Her parents were Kisaun, an Inupiak from Alaska, and Gus Tardiff, a Métis from Northern Alberta. They were subsistence harvesters and lived off the land.

Pauline watched her mother make all of their outdoor clothing. She was always interested in learning to do the intricate beading and embroidery work that was prevalent on clothing in her home community of Aklavik.

She worked for the Government of Northwest Territories as an educator and later as an administrator. In the summer of 2008, Pauline took early retirement and now makes her home in Fort Smith. She is very active in organizing Cultural Orientations for educators and students. Pauline now also has the time to make jewellery from the antlers and horns of bison, sheep, caribou and moose as well as making fish scale art.

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