Join Us

We invite you to share stories, share posts or events that support, that educate, that encourage sharing, healing and laughter. This community is intented to be supportive, positive and empowering.

As part of giving back and Colouring It Forward, a portion of the proceeds from sales will be invested in projects led by Indigenous people. These projects need to

  • Create opportunities for employment
  • Help with start-up or improve small business
  • Lead to higher education
  • Help with language or cultural revitalization

If you have a proposal you would like to submit, please provide written details to [email protected]. Your proposal should include

  • Your full details, plus two references.
  • A detailed explanation of the opportunity, business or educational courses.
  • Specific outcomes for the project.

Further details may be required. Our funding is dependent on sales, with funding likely only being provided to one or two proposals per year.

New Artist

If you are an artist who would like to participate in Colouring It Forward. please contact me at [email protected]. New ideas and projects are always welcome!


Join The Conversation

Colouring It Forward is a gathering place for all of us. please share your art, your journalling and your stories of hope and dreams for a better future on my Facebook and Instagram pages.