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Enjoy learning a bit about Northern Dene ancestral knowledge shared by the late Dene elder George Blondin while you colour in gorgeous Chipewyan Dene artwork by Michael Fatt and beautiful Gwich’in Dene art by Christiana Latham.

Read the wisdom pieces shared by Cree elder John Sinclair which introduces the teachings he received from his forefathers. Colour the beautiful artwork by Cree artists Delree Dumont and Sam Bighetty.

Write to your heart’s desire on lined pages, draw artwork on the blank pages, get inspired by the elder’s writings at the bottom of some pages.

There will be small colourable images of eagles, buffalo, wolves, feathers and more, scattered throughout the journal as well as 14 pieces of full-colour artwork by artists from different nations including Mi’gmaq, Métis, Blackfoot, Inuit, Cree, Saulteaux, Mohawk and more.

This 120 page lined notebook has amazing artwork on the cover entitled “Respect (Buffalo): For Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women” by Anishinaabe artist Donna Langhorne.

This is the second painting in the Reconciliation series. It connects the teaching of Respect, symbolized by the Buffalo, as a means of healing the deep personal and cultural trauma inflicted on Indigenous women.