The Projects

Every book, calendar or other item includes a donation to a grassroots project. If you know of a grassroots project supporting indigenous people, we are always happy to learn about them to see if we can support them.

Supported Projects

Orange shirts donate to Orange Shirt Society & Pokaiks Walk

Journals and Sketchbooks to support Women's Emergency Shelter

Childrens book and Notebook sales support Miskanawah's family programs

Blackfoot colouring book support Piitoayis Family School

Indigenous Calendars support Education

Donations from Cree colouring book and journal

Dene colouring book to support Dene artists!

Christmas cards support Ponoka alternative school!

Red shirts to support Stardale Women's Group

Interested? Join Us!

Are you looking for a way to participate actively in reconciliation and you love native art and culture. Join us and help to develop projects or to support existing projects that make the world a better place for indigenous and non-indigenous people, together.

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