Appropriation or appreciation?

Appropriation or appreciation?

This month makes me think in particular about gifting and reciprocity. Indigenous artisans and businesses greatly appreciate your support at this time of year. I encourage all of you to wear clothing and jewelry with beadwork and artwork made by local Indigenous artisans. As long as you purchase your wares from Indigenous people, it is not appropriation, it is appreciation and we really need that. There are many Indigenous art markets taking place at this time of year. In my newsletter I am listing all of the markets I know of so I hope to see you there!

Today, our sister non profit organization CIF Reconciliation Society held our Strategic Planning session. We have also started holding artist collaboration sessions with Arts Commons for our latest Truth & Reconciliation art exhibit that will open next year. It will bring together indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to develop artwork on the theme of reconciliation.

I'm very grateful to you for your support this year. I wish you happiness, health, success and most importantly love in the coming year.  

Blessings to you and your family