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“We come from all walks of life, all cultures, belief systems, nations. We have distinct languages, spiritual beliefs, values and ways of life. However, we all walk on this great Mother Earth and breathe the same air. We need to communicate and learn about the past, heal the hurts together and support and respect each other going forward. Join us to help build a better future for all our children. All my relations”

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The Colouring It Forward launch is such a positive step forward during the time of truth and reconciliation. What better way to learn more about our neighbour nations and the Blackfoot culture than through image, creativity, and story."

Patti Derbyshire

Chair of the innovation & Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Social Innovation Faculty, Mount Royal University

Wow! This book was not what I expected. I had intended to give it to my grandson. Not anymore! I'm keeping it for myself. This book is a genre bender. Biography, Native American culture, self-help, coloring book (lots of beautifully rendered images) and journal all wrapped up in one! I can't praise it enough!"

Bonita Martin

Diana's Colouring books combine the beauty of Native Artwork with cultural education for all - and are incredibly well received by all who look at them. They are unique in this area because of the talented Canadian Native artists who are featured, their stories, and the cultural knowledge also provided. The fact that she shares the proceeds with her artists to help establish them as artists and promotes them personally is just one more amazing aspect of these fantastic books!"

Arlene Gillespie

General Manager, Staples 1215 9th Avenue SW, Calgary