Let's start getting ready for the holidays!

Let's start getting ready for the holidays!
I hope you are all doing well and starting to prepare for winter. When I came back from holidays in October (which were wonderful - first 2 1/2 week holiday in years), we arrived to 1 ft of snow which was a shocker!
We have something exciting for you! We will have beautiful art calendars for 2024!
I'm also working on a book for a Dene elder and hopefully a new colouring book but both of these projects will take some time. I will keep you posted though.
In preparation for the holiday season, I hope you will make special note of the markets that are happening and that you will consider purchasing your cards and gifts from Indigenous artisans.  We have lovely Christmas card box sets and also Winter Solstice box sets for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas!
This month CIF Reconciliation Society is preparing for our Strategic Planning session and AGM coming up in early December. We are also making the selection for our latest Truth & Reconciliation art exhibit that we are collaborating with Arts Commons with which will open next year. It will bring together indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to develop artwork on the theme of reconciliation.
This month, we are also testing our Blackfoot Language App that we have been working with Blackfoot Confederacy and Kaleidoscope XR on all year.  
Blessings to you and your family