Honesty [Raven]: For Victims of Addiction - colouringitforward (1776262348849)

Indigenous art - Honesty [Raven]: For Victims of Addiction


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by native Canadian Anishinaabe Artist Donna Langhorne 

 Honesty [Raven]: For Victims of Addiction

original acrylic on canvas, 2016
48" x 60"

So many of our families have suffered from the devastating force of addiction. So many of our youth continue to be caught in its destructive web, whether through drugs or alcohol. The lone handprint in this Vision signals the hopelessness for those who succumb to addiction. Yet, like the mythical giant Kitchi-Sabe, our spirit is fortified when we honestly take stock of our own strengths and use them to survive.  The mischievous and prophetic Raven of mythology is an apt symbol for such honesty, since it acts as a liberator of those in captivity and a bringer of light. In this Vision, it is Honesty in the form of the Raven that rekindles the spirit needed to break free from the clutches of addiction. A spirit of love tempers the trickster nature of the Raven – can you spot an eagle among the flock?


This original is part of a series of seven paintings and can be purchased on its own for $7,500 or the full series for $45,000. A limited series of 11"x14" prints is also available.