Medicine Wheel ReconciliAction Mosaic Workshop

This workshop is led by Diana Frost and elder John Sinclair. John begins this workshop with a blessing and then speaks about how we can use the medicine wheel to bring about change. Then Diana share about her story and facilitates a session on how to take active part in Truth & Reconciliation. We will paint mosaic tiles with symbols representing your commitments to Truth and Reconciliation.

We will produce a mosaic that you can display at your workspace.

Duration: 3 hours 


ReconciliAction Planning Workshop

This workshop is led by Diana Frost. Diana will share her story about how she came to start Colouring It Forward, the Pokaiks the Children Commemorative Events and how she is working on Truth & Reconciliation. Then we will have a round circle on various topics related to Truth & Reconciliation, including a brainstorm on actions that we can take.

We will build personal ReconciliAction plans together using water symbolism that will symbolize our personal journeys.

Duration: 2 hours

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Windsong Heights School: ReconciliAction Mosaic Workshop:


"Elder John Sinclair’s teachings of the Cree Medicine Wheel was very in depth. I loved listening to his knowledge and wisdom and stories. He is a very captivating speaker. He speaks from his lived experience and from his heart. I would love to do more learning with him." ~ grade 8 teacher

"I love that we could take our learnings of the medicine wheel and show it in our art panels. I can’t wait to see our art panels put together in a medicine wheel!" ~ grade 3 teacher

"Amazing professional learning activity that deepened our Indigenous learning. The art activity with Diana to make our own staff medicine wheel was such a powerful way for all of us to discuss and show what we learned and why reconciliation is important. I hope other schools get a chance to learn from Elder Sinclair and Diana Frost." ~ grade 4 teacher

"This professional learning was so well thought out. It started with medicine wheel teachings from the elder and then Diana led us through an art activity to create our own medicine wheel. After we painted our little panels we each got to explain what we painted and why. It was so cool to see everyone’s interpretation of why reconciliation is important. Seeing it all come together in a medicine wheel was a really powerful moment for me." ~ Learning Support teacher

"I’m a student teacher and I’ve never been part of a workshop like this! I’m just learning about Indigenous ways being and doing and this really showed me the importance of decolonizing what I do in the classroom." ~ grade 2 MRU student teacher


McMan Calgary - Winter Count ReconciliAction Planning Workshop Testimonial:

“This empowering workshop experience left a lasting impression on me and my colleagues at McMan. The content was not only insightful, but Diana also presented it in an engaging manner that kept everyone involved. She demonstrated a deep understanding of Truth and Reconciliation and how to move forward. She also effectively conveyed complex concepts in an accessible and artistic way. Diana fostered a collaborative learning environment where questions were encouraged and thoroughly addressed. Furthermore, the materials provided were comprehensive and served as valuable resources for continued learning beyond the workshop. Overall, I highly recommend this workshop as it not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I left with practical insights that I could immediately implement in both my personal and professional life. Thank you Diana!”

Christy Nakamura