Courage [Bear]: For Our Future - colouringitforward (1776276176945)

Courage [Bear]: For Our Future


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Courage [Bear]: For Our Future

original acrylic on canvas, 2016
48" x 60"

by Anishinaabe Artist Donna Langhorne 

How do we cultivate the courage to face our fears and overcome the barriers that hold us back from moving forward, individually and collectively? The Bear is a powerful symbol of courage as it fights to protect its own. In this Vision, the spirit of Courage leads us from the static canvas to a future of hope and integrity. As it does so it protects the vulnerable by absorbing whatever threatens safety and well-being, as represented by the serpent. All Sacred Teachings are at work here … together they form the foundation, the imprint, to lift us out of our cultural doldrums and into a future of restoration, revitalization, and reconciliation.  .

This original is part of a series of seven paintings and can be purchased on its own for $7,500 or the full series for $45,000. A limited series of 11"x14" prints is also available.