Humility [Wolf]: For Our Cultural Sovereignty - colouringitforward (1776261562417)

Indigenous art - Humility [Wolf]: For Our Cultural Sovereignty


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by Native Canadian Anishinaabe Artist Donna Langhorne 

Humility [Wolf]: For Our Cultural Sovereignty

original acrylic on canvas, 2016
48" x 60"

Sovereignty is an expression of self-determination and cultural autonomy. The damage at the hands of colonial forces to cultural heritage, including loss of language, artifacts, ceremony and traditions, has greatly undermined our capacity to act as sovereign Nations. The future of our cultural integrity requires earnest community effort and individual humility. Why humility? The ways of the wolf help us to understand and guide us forward.  As a pack animal, the wolf shows humility by bowing its head in deference to the collective interests of the pack. Each of us individually must bow to tradition, bow to protocol, bow to our way of life. In this Vision, the central wolf figure is the collective voice of the community seeking to preserve cultural traditions. The love of community is a motivating feature; hence, the eagle occupies the wolf’s heart. The pack is comforted by the presence of the Northern Lights, the dancing spirits of our ancestors and the sign from Creator of concern for our well-being.

This original is part of a series of seven paintings and can be purchased on its own for $7,500 or the full series for $45,000. A limited series of 11"x14" prints is also available.