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Indigenous art - Truth [Turtle]: For our Environment


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Truth [Turtle]: For our Environment

original acrylic on canvas, 2016
48" x 60" by Native Canadian Anishinaabe Artist Donna Langhorne 

The Turtle is considered a truth teller because its shell mirrors the realities of the female four-week cycle and thirteen lunar month experience. The parallel truth of this Vision is clearly brandished, and echoed through the serpentine temptation of greed, industrial pollution, commercial exploitation of the environment, and the complicity of Government. Spurred to action by our women, the silhouetted figures rise up in protest, idling no more, and draw strength in their love for justice from the Eagle feather.

This original is part of a series of seven paintings and can be purchased on its own for $7,500 or the full series for $45,000. A limited series of 11"x14" prints is also available.