Love [Eagle]: For Residential School Survivors - colouringitforward (1776259891249)

Indigenous art - Love [Eagle]: For Residential School Survivors


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This painting is available as an original or a limited edition 11"x14" print by Native Canadian Anishinaabe Artist Donna Langhorne 

The emotional and cultural scars of residential school experience run deep. This Vision depicts many of the tell-tale signs of that trauma - the attire of the students, their religious indoctrination, the muting of their voice and loss of language, their cut hair, the memorialization through hand prints and testimony markers for those who did not survive. In the face of this cultural genocide, generations were robbed of their cultural identity. Yet we are still here and determined to be reenergized by love – for ourselves, our families and our communities. In this way, the Sacred Teaching of Love serves as a healing force for the victims of the residential school experience. Love is here symbolized by the Eagle with the embrace of its outstretched wings, drawing the spirit of these victims upwards to a future of renewed hope.