Native Canadian Notebook - Respect (Buffalo) For MMIWG
Indigenous notebook - 150 pages - colouringitforward (4912553197701)
Native Canadian Notebook - Respect (Buffalo) For MMIWG

Native Canadian Notebook - Respect (Buffalo) For MMIWG


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This 80 page lined notebook has amazing Indigenous artwork on the cover entitled "Respect (Buffalo): For Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women" by Anishinaabe artist Donna Langhorne.

This is the second painting in the Reconciliation series. It connects the teaching of Respect, symbolized by the Buffalo, as a means of healing the deep personal and cultural trauma inflicted on Indigenous women. In the context of Reconciliation and healing, the painting emphasizes the importance of dignifying these vulnerable women who were treated by their predators as faceless, nameless, dehumanized objects. The hand prints acknowledge the individuality of those never found. Including reference to the ‘red dress’ movement, the painting promotes conditions where these women are at peace, their loss not in vain but, rather, serving as seeds for a safer, uplifting future.